Gift-Shop-no-shadow.jpgWhile you are at the South Dakota Hall of Fame be sure to stop by the gift shop. You find we have a large selection of books, gifts, artwork and souveniors. Including popularitems from artist Terry Redlin and photography books from South Dakota photographer Greg Latza.

Our Coffees
The South Dakota Hall of Fame prides itself in being the only destination between Sioux Falls And Rapid City where our visitors can be treated to a fresh brewed cup of Caribou Coffee. We also sell 12 once bags of ground coffee so that you can continue your journey with Caribou Coffee…Enjoy!

A smooth coffee full of sweet caramel flavors and roasted nuts.

Caribou Blend
Gently blends sweet, spicy, and berry notes into a smoothly balanced, relaxing, and down-to-earth taste.

French Roast
This smoky, rich blend has a decadent, bittersweet flavor with a smooth, heavy body. Utter indulgence.
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