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  1995   General   February 13, 1923
    Kennebec, SD   May 16, 2012
James Abdnor
Working for South Dakota is a lifelong vocation for Jim Abnor-- teacher, farmer, state senator, lieutenant governor, US Representative, US Senator, Small Business Administration administrator-- the "hat" doesn’t matter. What is best for South Dakota and its people does.

Jim's career of helping South Dakotans began during grade school when he filled kerosene cans in his father's general store in Kennebec. His parents, immigrants from Lebanon, were great believers in the American dream and the success that would come if you worked hard and maintained your integrity.

From the beginning, South Dakotans-- be they Democrats, fellow Republicans or independents- could always count on Abnor's word and being treated fairly. Everyone knew he would listen carefully and that their views would be acknowledged to the greatest extent possible.

During his schooling-- both in Kennebec and later at the University of Nebraska-- Abnor was active in sports. As a teacher in Kennebec and Presho, he also coached. For 20+ years in the summers he coached Lyman County Junior Legion and Teener baseball teams. During Abnor's 16 years of national politics, he provided annual cards with the football schedules of South Dakota Colleges. It was not merely a campaign stratagem: on weekends in South Dakota he wanted to find the closest game. Moreover, for some 40 years he's had tickets for both State A and B high school tournaments.

Jim Abnor has constantly endeavored to promote the interest of young people in government, making regular appearances at South Dakota Girls State and Boys State, as well as Teen-Age Republican camps and the South Dakota State Fair.

Jim Abdnor is the recipient of many awards and honors to include 2nd place South Dakota Outstanding young farmer; 1976 Honorary Doctor of Laws, Dakota Wesleyan University; seven time recipient of the "Guardian of Small Business Award" from National Federation of Small Business ending in 1986; 6 Bulldog awards from "Watchdog of the Treasury, Inc." for supporting fiscal restraint in govt. through 1896; 1984 "I Care" award from American Association of School Administrators; "Distinguished Service and Achievment Award" by South Dakota Newspaper Association in 1987; and "Distinguished Service to South Dakota Award" by the SDSU Alumni Association. From 1983-86, he received 4 Star Blankets and a Chief's headdress by South Dakota Indian tribes for work on behalf of Native Americans.

1480 S. Main - Chamberlain, SD 57325 - - (605) 234-4216