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  1994   General   July 19, 1922
    Mitchell, SD   October 21, 2012
George McGovern

SD Public Broadcasting: Landscapes of SD-George McGovern 

The life of George McGovern has been filled with successful service to the state of South Dakota, this nation, and our world. His name is well known and respected throughout South Dakota and worldwide. George McGovern's lifetime of accomplishments in public service speaks for themselves.

He has spent a lifetime working and struggling to find ways for the world to live in peace, so our children can have a safer and more secure future. He worked to ensure a quality education for all children, winning many awards over the years from educational organizations in recognition of his work. He was instrumental in bringing about school lunch programs in South Dakota, allowing all children the opportunity for nourishment. Serving as President John Kennedy's Food for Peace Director, McGovern also worked towards this goal for people all over the world. He worked for the elderly, the poor, and all those who many times are left voiceless or powerless in this country. He worked hard for agriculture, which is a key industry in the state of South Dakota. He also worked hard in the 1950's to build the South Dakota Democratic Party.

Even though George McGovern served in the United States House and Senate, was the Democratic nominee for President in 1972, worked in President Kennedy's administration, and many other accomplishments, he always gave credit for his success to the state and people of South Dakota, never forgetting his roots and those values that South Dakotan's hold dear.

Senator McGovern passed away on October 21, 2012. 

Awards, Honors:
Most Representative Senior Boy- 1940, Mitchell High School
Distinguished Flying Cross, Pilot, WWII- 1945 (Flew 35 Missions)
Elanor Roosevelt Peace Award- 1968
Democratic Nominee for President- 1972
Delegate to the United Nations- 1976 and 1978
Presidential Medal of Freedom- Nation's Highest Civilian Award in 2000
Author of 13 books and numerous articles for journals
Guest Professor: University of Pacific, Univ. of Calif., Northwestern Univ., Duke Univ., Cornell Univ., Columbia Univ., Berlin Univ., Dublin Univ.

Fun Facts
  • Former Presidential Candidate
  • Helps feed the hungry
  • World War II Veteran
1480 S. Main - Chamberlain, SD 57325 - - (605) 234-4216