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  2001   Arts and Entertainment   July 11, 1937
    Watertown, SD   April 24, 2016
Terry Redlin
Through his artwork, we get a glimpse of Terry Redlin. A world-renowned wildlife artist, Terry says about himself, “My life has been a wonderful experience. I worked hard along the way, and had some good luck, too. I can’t think of what I would change if I had it to do all over again.” Yet, Terry had some challenges at an early age. At age 15, an accident resulted in the loss of one leg. He was devastated at the time as he was an active, outdoor kid who loved hunting and fishing. He stated, “It seemed like the end of my world”. Terry’s family ad friends provided the support he needed.

The state of South Dakota provided Terry with tuition for art school. His love of the outdoors and his life changing experience may also give us a glimpse into the organizations he supports. Over the years, Terry has donated over $40 million to conservation and preservation by way of donated fine art print editions. He has also committed to helping the Courage Center, a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities. The completion of the Redlin Art Center in his hometown of Watertown, SD is his latest project. The Redlin Art Center is designed to house and display over 130 of his original paintings.

Check out the Redlin Art Center website to learn more about Terry and his paintings!

1480 S. Main - Chamberlain, SD 57325 - - (605) 234-4216